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We have partnered with the folks over at Admin 2020, bringing an exclusive deal to our members.

One of the first things people may think is they don’t need to add yet another plugin to their website and as performance-minded folks, we totally get that.

Admin 2020 may actually help you eliminate plugins (ex. Menu Role Permission) or complicated code snippets that you’re currently using, depending on the website.

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Solution Overview

Admin 2020 is a clean and modern WordPress admin plugin, providing a streamlined dashboard, Google Analytics integration, WooCommerce integration, a powerful content library, dark mode, white-label, and much more.

Those concerned with the performance of their website should fear not, as Admin 2020 doesn’t affect performance at all.


Manage website comments and link your Google Analytics account to see in depth statistics about your site.

Enhanced Content Libary

50% quicker than the Classic WordPress Library!

  • Blazing Quick Media and Posts Library
  • Powerful Filters
  • Content Folders
  • Full Featured Image Editing
  • Batch Rename

Advanced Menu Editor

Create truly unique menus for the back end of your website.

  • Rename
  • Rearrange
  • Hide
  • Restrict Access
  • Custom Icons

More Awesome Features

  • Modular (i.e. Built with performance in mind)
  • Dark Mode
  • Admin Dashboard Search
  • WordPress Admin Login Customization
  • Streamlined Dashboard Notifications
  • Exportable Settings

Deal Overview

Qualifying members that use our exclusive offer code, will get 10% OFF any purchase.

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