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CSS Scan

Do More for Your Directory. While Spending Less.

Deal Overview

We have partnered with the folks over at CSS Scan, bringing an exclusive, 30% OFF deal to our members.

Deal instructions will be unlocked and visible for those with a Business Membership.

Solution Overview

CSS Scan

The fastest and easiest way to check, copy and edit CSS.

Goodbye to “Inspect Element” — Check the CSS of any element you hover over, instantly, and copy its entire rules with a single click.

The smartest browser extension for CSS inspection

No unuseful duplicated or longhand CSS. CSS Scan uses the same technology used by Google and Github with our own improvements to quickly clean any CSS trash for you. Precise, shorthanded, and advanced optimizations.

Easy and lightspeed inspection

Understand how everything works without wasting time hunting through infinite CSS rules on the browsers' Dev Tools. Get all the active styles on the fly and finish your work faster. Use shortcuts to work with it even quicker.

Copy any element you want

If you want to copy the CSS of this element right now, it's a pain. With CSS Scan, you just click, and it's yours. Create your perfect page.


Simpy put, the PRO version picks up where CSS Scan leaves off and a whole lot more.

CSS Scan vs. CSS Scan PRO

PRO has everything that CSS Scan has, plus:

  • Visual Editor: change the CSS of any element visually and interactively and get the new CSS code ready to use.
  • Copy the HTML and CSS of all the element’s children – instead of just copying the selected element.
  • Save an element as a file.
  • Live-edit the text of any element.
  • Live-edit every CSS: including all pseudo-classes, all pseudo-elements, and @keyframes as well!
  • CSS Keyframes reading (understand any CSS animation you see on the web).
  • Check all the changes made in the CSS and copy it or export it to a file.
  • Generate a shareable link that anyone can access to see a website with your CSS modifications (even if they don’t have the extension installed).
  • Chrome and Firefox Devtools integration: you can use CSS Scan Pro inside your Devtools, which means you can see the entire DOM tree, choose any element precisely and understand what’s going on in the CSS straightaway!
  • A color eyedropper (pick colors from any website – works on images too).
  • A color palette to get all the colors of any website.
  • A Real-time advanced ruler for measure distances and elements dimensions.
  • Option to generate and copy unique CSS selectors
  • Assets feature: get all images loaded in a page: from background-images, .svgs, or img src.
  • Save all assets from a website with 1 click.
  • A color picker to easily change colors + change color syntax + gets tints and shades of the selected color.
  • Convert relative URLs to absolute.
  • Remove any website element with a click.
  • Premium Support.
  • Access To Pro Updates.