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Deal Overview

We have partnered with the folks over at Jumpshare, bringing an exclusive, 20% OFF of Plus (Annual) plans. deal to our members.

Deal instructions will be unlocked and visible for those with a Business Membership.

Solution Overview

Jumpshare combines file sharing, screenshot capture, and video recording – all in one platform, for PC and Mac, allowing you to share your work and ideas through instantly shareable links.

Drag & drop and wait for the magic

Start by dragging any number of files regardless of their type and size to the Jumpshare icon and we will automatically copy a shareable link to your clipboard for you to share.

Share at lighting fast speed

Instantly send your files via a link or email without waiting for the upload to finish. You recipients will be able to access the files once they finish uploading at your end, in real-time.

Preview over 200 file formats online

To make file transfers better our powerful file viewer can preview all types of files – documents, presentations, spreadsheets, videos, audios, images, and more.

On your mark, get set, capture screenshots

Capture crystal clear screenshots using quick keyboard shortcuts or from the main Jumpshare window. You can choose to upload it instantly or annotate it before sharing.

Annotate with a powerful screenshot editor

Annotate screenshots using a powerful photo editor that comes with all types of tools not found elsewhere. Use arrows, shapes, text, highlighter, blur, crop, and more.

Stop typing and start capturing screenshots

Did you know humans process images 60,000 times faster than text? Visual communication using screenshots saves time, eliminates confusion, and improves productivity.

Record your screen in video or GIF

Record 4K/HD videos or GIFs of any part of your screen or fullscreen. If you’ve more than one display, you can choose which screen you want to record in a click.

Add a human touch with personalized videos

Videos that include a speaker are more engaging, more likely to convert, and results in higher customer satisfaction. Don’t be shy. Build a brand. And don’t forget to smile.

Record better demos with drawing

Draw on your screen with different colors to add emphasis to certain parts during recordings. Make your videos and GIFs visually engaging to better guide your customers.