Online Directory Network

Launch of the Online Directory Network

We are all in this together.

The Online Directory Network officially launched on March 5th, 2021! 

This project, much like our sister project (MyListing Club), was formed to help online directory owners accomplish more, faster, and for less money.

The primary goal of the Online Directory Network was (is) to help directory owners create the own personal network of directories, which not only opens up business opportunities but also benefits the users.

This project evolved because of YOU, so let us know how we can make it work better for YOU.


1. You have a wedding directory, but you don’t have Listings for services like photography, cake decorators, etc.
2. Tom has a directory for all things photography, including wedding photography.
3. Kate has a directory for things decorating, including wedding cake decorating.
4. You, Tom, and Kate connect your directories together.
5. Your community uses all three directories to have the best wedding possible.
6. Community members save time by not having to go out and search for services elsewhere and they know you trust the provider already.
The above scenario is easily accomplished using our two-way matching feature. In short, every directory can already know wants to connect with them.

Project Pillars

Let’s break down all of the pillars of this project, in a short, simplistic fashion.

You have a directory. Someone else has a directory. Link them both together if it makes business sense.

You have a directory. You need help. Find experts that can help you.

You have a deal to offer. Someone else is looking for a deal. Deal.

You have a business you want to sell. Someone else is looking to buy a business. Sell your business.

You have a domain you want to sell. Someone else is looking to buy a domain. Sell your domain.

You have a website (established or starter) you want to sell. Someone else is looking to buy a website. Sell your website.

You have a directory you would like to show off and get some clicks. Someone else needs some inspiration by looking at what you have built. List in the showcase.