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We have partnered with the folks over at ShortPixel, bringing an exclusive deal to our members.

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Solution Overview

ShortPixel provides easy-to-use plugins that can help you solve all your website’s image-related problems within minutes.

Display properly sized, smartly cropped, and optimized images on your website; Images are processed on the fly and served from a CDN, in the next-gen WebP format.

    • The same visual quality but smaller images thanks to ShortPixel algorithms.
    • Smart image cropping.
    • Only serve appropriately sized images depending on the visitor’s viewport.
    • Lazy loading of images.
    • Automatically convert images to WebP format and serve them to supported browsers.
    • Animated Gifs are supported.
    • Caching and serving from ShortPixel’s CDN, Cloudflare CDN, or Stackpath CDN.
    • All major image galleries, sliders, and page builders are supported.
    • SVG place holder support for JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, and BMP.

Deal Overview

When you buy any paid plans from ShortPixel, you can get bonus credits, as outlined below.

Monthly Plans

    • Double-up Short Plan (Club Bonus Credits): 3,750
    • Double-up Large Plan (Club Bonus Credits): 9,000
    • Double-up XXL Plan (Club Bonus Credits): 41,250

One-Time Plans

    • One-Time 10K (Club Bonus Credits): 7,500
    • One-Time 30K (Club Bonus Credits): 22,500
    • One-Time 50K (Club Bonus Credits): 37,500
    • One-Time 170K (Club Bonus Credits): 127,500

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Instructions will be unlocked and visible below for those with a qualifying membership.

Use this deal link when making your purchase in order to get your bonus credits.