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Deal Overview

We have partnered with the folks over at toast.log, bringing an exclusive, 30% OFF deal to our members.

Deal instructions will be unlocked and visible for those with a Business Membership.

Solution Overview

See errors, warnings, and logs as they happen on your site — without having to open the browser’s console.

Find bugs you didn’t know were there via notifications in our unique toast format.

Only your can see it

Don't worry, these notifications only appear for you. Other visitors can't see them.

Works on any website with any code

toast.log is a browser extension, so it works on any website, any theme, and even works offline! You don't need to add any script or change your code.

Turn it on and off anytime

Works on dev, on prod, on your website, or anywhere else. You control it. Turn it on/off anytime, or by specific domain addresses.

Filter the logs

Only interested in errors? Filter what you want to be notified of errors, warnings, or logs.

Error tracing

Know the file name and the line number that is causing the error, at a glance.

Search on Google with 1 click

The error notifications have a button to diagnose them on Google to help you fix things quicker. Because, most of the time, you were probably going to do that anyway.

Search through logs

You can also search through your logs by text (words, characters, etc) - only the logs that match your search will be shown.


Adjust toasts' font-size, opacity, border-radius, and more options, to your taste.

Expandable arrays, objects, and JSON

View arrays, objects, and JSON as expandables - click to expand or collapse a property. Easy to debug long logs.

Network Requests

toast.log shows you all network requests that a page makes, along with the URL, method (GET, POST, etc), and response. Everything in real-time. Debugging just got easier!

SEO Issues

See which images are missing "alt" attributes, which resources are broken (returning 404), and many other errors that may be affecting your website's rank on Google.