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Updates for March 2021

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This is our summary for the month of March, covering everything that’s been going on within the Network, general announcements, resource updates, deals, and anything else that we feel is important to get out there.

🚀The Online Directory Network officially launched on March 5th, 2021 to help online directory owners accomplish more, faster, and for less money.

🔥 NEW: We formed a partnership with CSS Scan to bring their revolutionary browser extension for all things CSS, to our members, for 30% OFF.

🔥 NEW: We furthered our partnership with the team behind CSS Scan and CSS Scan PRO to bring their highly-rated solution for discovering website bugs (toast.log) to our members, for 30% OFF.

🔥 NEW: AffiliateWP and Brindle Booking added to our WordPress Website Care Plans.

If you are covered under our Elite or Ultimate Care plans and you want to get your hands on these new assets or any of the other items on the list below, don’t hesitate to reach out, using our website’s chat feature.

  • Admin 2020
  • AffiliateWP
  • Brindle Booking
  • Convert Pro
  • Crocoblock Suite
  • ElementsKit
  • Elementor Pro
  • Happy Addons for Elementor
  • Happy Files Pro
  • Permalinks Manager Pro
  • Perfmatters
  • Piotnet Addons For Elementor
  • RafflePress Ultimate
  • Schema Pro
  • SEOPress Pro
  • Toolkit for Elementor
  • Ultimate Addons for Elementor
  • WidgetKit Elementor Add-on
  • WP Portfolio
  • WP Rocket